joi, 3 martie 2011

What should I do in life?

I am writing because and I don't want to talk to anyone in particular about this. Anyway no one reads this so it doesn't matter. Today was an interesting day, although it was just for me. I am not going to bore you with stupid things.

I want to ask something. Did you ever consider about your job? I mean what are going to do in the future? Will you be a doctor, a teacher, or maybe you'll be nobody? I like many things but I believe non of them attracts me enough to make a career out of that. I've started doing many things in my life and I got bored more easily than I would've planned it. Maybe I'm not meant to do something. But then what happens? Guess I'll just go mad.

I am supposed to delete this blog. Firstly, I don't need it. Secondly, nobody reads it. Anyway at some point it can be boring. And I don't read other people's blogs, well just my cousin's. I have this need to something, but I don't know what, because I get stuck in the middle or I get always easily bored. Any solutions? Well, thanks for nothing, because even if you knew something you wouldn't tell me so let's just forget about it.

Maybe you are wondering what's the point of this entry. I'm just bored and I am looking for something new to do, I am remembering things, maybe I'll get obsessed again with something from the past. Or maybe not. It depends on my ideas and unfortunately they are not very constructive... I mean they don't lead me somewhere I feel useful. It feels that everything I do, every talent I have I can't use it. Why? Because I am not good enough for anything.

Now that maybe you think I'm too pessimistic I'll end this "conversation". Anyway, you probably don't understand. Do I speak too formal in english? When I don't, I often tend to speak too informal, so let's forget about it.

P.S.: The song has a little connection with my post ^_^